• Unrestricted Access to Netflix & iPlayer, unblocks most of the Blocked Content
  • Safe and Anonymous Browsing, Successful IP Address Hiding
  • Speed Ideal for Streaming in High Definition, HD, 4K

Netflix is notorious for blocking most of its content in most of the countries of the world. And thus, in one way, we are denied access to a big share of amazing content available on web. If you crave for good shows, dramas, sitcoms, movies; and Netflix is banning entertaining content your country too, HERE COMES TO YOUR RESCUE – VPN service, a service that helps you hide your true location and gives you a mask of an IP address from a different country where Netflix broadcasts its full content.

There are approximately 300+ VPN services (free and paid) that are available to the users. Each VPN appears same, offers similar features with some variation, and they all promise to keep your connection anonymous and secure. With so many options out there, it gets real difficult for a user to decide which VPN service is going to provide the best quality performance under its given budget.

At the Best VPN for Netflix. Com, we have made this scruitinization process a little easy for you. We have brought you a detailed comparison of the most popular VPNs on the basis of their performance and PROS & CONS


  • Security Features
  • Protocol and Encryption Options
  • Speed
  • Torrenting and Netflix Accessibility
  • Logging Policy and Jurisdiction
  • Cost

Best VPN Comparison

BEST VPN Services For Netflix 2019

After reviewing, we have narrowed down the best VPNs for you to check. The list goes as:

1. ExpressVPN – Best out of Best VPNs (Supports all devices)

ExpressVPN review + homepage

ExpressVPN is unarguably the best VPN service when it comes to your security. It lets you get an access to more than 2000 servers in 94 countries. This VPN service provides the user a number of protocols (OpenVPN, IKEv2, and IPsec) with the most secure Encryption Standard (AES-256). The service is compatible with almost every device and network.

There is no DNS or WebRTC leaks, and there is malware free installation. It can connect to up to 3 devices simultaneously

ExpressVPN gives you one of the fastest downloading speed i.e. 83 Mbps out of 100 Mbps and one of the best thing is that it comes with a log free policy.  And the developer team is there for your support 24*7.

Privacy & Security Log free Policy, One of the most Secure VPN service ( developed in British Virgin Islands, the location that puts them outside any intelligence sharing agreements)Safe Anonymous Browsing from your ISP provider
Protocol and Encryption Standard Uses Various Protocols like OpenVPN, IKEv2, IPsec with the most secure Encryption Standard AES-256
Server Count More than 2000 servers in 94 countries
Speed One of the Fastest Speed VPNs
Netflix Accessibility Best for Netflix and Torrenting
Cost  Comes with monthly plans ranging from $ 6.67 to $ 12.95. Cost can be reduced with annual plans.
Connections  Up to 3 devices
Support 24*7 Customer Care

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2. NordVPN – Best “Cheap” VPN (Supports all devices)

NordVPN review

Their website says that NordVPN uses Military –Grade encryption and it doesn’t collect, monitor, log or share anything you do. We can’t agree more. NordVPN uses double encryption protocols and AES-256 to secure your connection so that you surf without leaving any trace. With over 5293 servers in 62 countries, NordVPN gives you one of the fastest connection experience. This VPN comes with a “no log” policy and it adheres to its commitment.

It works perfectly for NETFLIX and Torrenting too. Fast speed makes streaming a smooth experience for you.

With one NordVPN account, you can connect up to six devices simultaneously on almost any operating system, including Android, ChromeOS, iOS, Windows, Mac, and Linux .It can be used in encrypted proxy extensions for Chrome and Firefox.

Privacy & Security Log free Policy, Cutting Edge Security Technology
Protocol and Encryption Standard Double encryption Protocol with the most secure Encryption Standard AES-256
Server Count More than 5293 servers in 62 countries
Speed High speed security approved by SpeedTest
Netflix Accessibility Works perfectly for Netflix and Torrenting
Cost  Comes with monthly plan of $11.95 but can go as low as $2.99 per month if you commit for long-term. First month comes with a 30 day money back guarantee.
Connections  6 devices

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3. PureVPN

With 750 servers across 140 different countries, this service has covered most of the world. PureVPN is compatible with major devices including Windows, Android, iOS, Linux and routers. It supports Split Tunnelling feature. It supports all major protocols i.e. OpenVPN, IPSec, L2TP with 256 bit encryption,

It supports successfully smooth Torrenting.

PureVPN fails miserably at speed tests. Most of the servers give below average speeds. There are also reported cases of DNS, IP address leaks which raise doubt on security feature.

Privacy & Security DNS, IPv4 & IPv6 leaks, Questionable no log policy
Protocol and Encryption Standard  

OpenVPN, PPTP, SSTP, L2TP, IKEv2 with 256 bit encryption.

Server Count 750 servers in 140 countries
Speed Slow speed average
Netflix Accessibility Torrenting is highly supported. Netflix doesn’t properly work
Cost $4.15 per month in 12 month package

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4. Ivacy

Despite its impressive performance for last decade, this VPN brand is still relatively unknown to many. Ivacy VPN service is highly secretive service and it is compatible with all common OS and with almost every device on marketplace. It uses all major protocols OpenVPN, PPTP, SSTP, L2TP, and IKEv2 with 256 bit encryption.

Servers are less in number i.e. 200 servers across 50 countries, but most of them are highly optimized in their performance. Netflix is not supported well and Torrenting seems like the smoothest task ever.

Speed is good in most of the servers but servers in Asia are rather disappointing in their performance.

Privacy & Security Highly Secretive ,Ivacy Team introduced Split Tunneling Technology
Protocol and Encryption Standard  

OpenVPN, PPTP, SSTP, L2TP, IKEv2 with 256 bit encryption.

Compatible with all common devices and Operating systems

Server Count 200 servers in 50 countries
Speed Good speeds in US and EU servers, Asia servers are disappointing.
Netflix Accessibility Torrenting is highly supported, Not a good option for Netflix Entertainment, as most servers do not support Netflix
Cost High cost cut if you plan for long term commitment ( can go as low as $2.04/  month)

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5. Trust.Zone

Trust.Zone review

Trust zone one of the cheapest VPN service available to the users that provides best in its class services ($3.33 – $6.99 monthly cost plans). Your privacy is in safe hands with TrustZone as the location of parent company is Privacy-haven.

Trust.Zone provides a host of encryption standards, including AES-256-CBC cipher, SHA256 authentication, RSA-2048.

Most of the servers support successful Netflix streaming. And it also allows Torrenting. This VPN is compatible with all common operating systems ranging from iOS to Android, Linux, Windows, Mac, and even routers. It offers quite good speed to its users.

Only downside is that server count is pretty low (164 in 34 countries) – especially compared to the first few behemoths on this list. And it has been reported by users that customer support is unresponsive.

Privacy & Security Excellent Privacy standard maintained
Protocol and Encryption Standard  OpenVPN, L2TP with AES-256.
Server Count 164 servers in 34 countries
Speed Fast Speed ( ranks second to the speed of NordVPN )
Netflix Accessibility Netflix worked on most of the servers. Torrenting allowed.
Cost $3.33 – $6.99 monthly cost plans

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6. ibVPNibVPN review

Privacy wise – Good, No. of VPN Protocols wise – Excellent, Count of compatible devices wise –A Big Thumbs Up,

Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Kindle Fire, Chromecast, Apple TV, LG Smart TV, Samsung Smart TV, LG WebOS Smart TV, PS4, PlayStation 3, PS Vita, Xbox 360, DD-WRT VPN, and Tomato USB routers. ibVPN supports all these devices and OS.

And the VPN hosts OpenVPN, L2TP, PPTP, IPSec, and SSTP with AES-256 encryption and can connect up to 5 devices simultaneously.

This one VPN has quite a no. of Drawbacks. Speed is quite low as in comparison with other VPNs in this list. Low speed can cause not so smooth Netflix streaming. Only a few servers can support Torrenting. Server count is low as well 180 + servers in 57 countries

Privacy & Security Zero logging
Protocol and Encryption Standard VPN hosts OpenVPN, L2TP, PPTP, IPSec, and SSTP with AES-256 encryption
Server Count 180+ in more than 57 countries
Speed Low speed
Netflix Accessibility Not suitable for Netflix and Torrenting
Cost $4.83 – $10.89 range monthly
Connections  Up to 5 connections

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7. IPVanishIPVanish review + homepage

IPVanish comes with major protocols and AES-256 encryption, has a server count of 1,000 servers in 60 countries.

And you can use IPVanish on up to five Windows, Mac, iOS, or Android devices at a time.

Speed is quite good and Netflix works on most of servers.

But IPVanish comes with a few Cons –Monthly plans are a little pricey at $6.49 – 10.00 per month.

Torrenting is not supported successfully.

Privacy & Security No logging
Protocol and Encryption Standard AES-256
Server Count 1000 servers in 60 countries
Speed Good speed
Netflix Accessibility Most servers support Netflix, Torrenting is discouraged
Cost $6.49-10 per month

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8. Private Internet AccessPrivate Internet Access review

Private Internet Access, though one of the fastest VPN , is not suitable if you are looking for Netflix. Other than that , this VPN is a steel deal.

PIA already offer great speed, but you can get faster because this VPN gives you an option to downgrade the security encryption from AES-256 to AES-128. Torrenting is very easy on the network and unlimited as well.

You can connect up to five devices through OpenVPN, IPSec/L2TP, PPTP, or Socks5 proxy protocols. Common Operating Systems like Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Linux are compatible

PIA offers monthly range from$2.91 to $6.95.

Downside: Though they have a large no. of servers i.e. 3059, but they are distributed over only 28 countries. And the developers don’t offer Live Chat support.

Privacy & Security Secured ,(comes under US jurisdiction)
Protocol and Encryption Standard AES-256, can be downgraded to AES 128 on your choice
Server Count 3059 servers in 28 countries
Speed One of the fastest Speed provider
Netflix Accessibility Torrenting is highly supported, but no Netflix
Cost $2.91 -$6.95 per month

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9. WindscribeWindscribe review

WindScribe offers the users  480+ servers in 51 countries and it offers top-of-the-line encryption and protocol options: AES-256 across OpenVPN, IKEv2, and SOCK55.

Windscribe comes with unlimited connections. Netflix streaming is smooth on most servers and Torrenting is limited. And one of the distinguished fact is that Windscribe’s free version is available.

A major drawback is that its speed is the lowest in comparison with all other VPNs on this list. One potential reason for this slowdown could be that not all servers are active. And one other problem can be the location of its home base, Canada that comes under five eyes agreement.

Privacy & Security Secured, (home city comes under five eyes community)
Protocol and Encryption Standard AES-256 across OpenVPN, IKEv2, and SOCK55.
Server Count 480+ servers in 51 countries
Speed Lowest speed in this list
Netflix Accessibility Netflix streaming is smooth
Cost Free version available

Visit Windscribe

10. Perfect-Privacy

Perfect-Privacy review

Like above mentioned VPN service, this VPN service als0 ensures full privacy and anonymity. It is one of the most secure VPN providers with a legit logging policy: No logging of any user specific data.

The VPN is compatible with all common operating systems Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS, Android, IPTV, or even routers. They provide IPv6 addresses on most servers. Most of the servers support Netflix.

Its Competitive Edge over other VPNs is that it gives Unlimited Connections. It means you can connect up to unlimited number of simultaneous connections. This makes it perfect for teams or organization.

Reported Drawbacks Users report that speed is average most of the times. And the ~$10.49 – $15.29 monthly cost is may be a little pricey. It can prove a good option if you are planning to connect to a big number of devices. There are no “ready-made” apps for Android/Mac/iOS

Privacy & Security Logging does not record user specific data
Protocol and Encryption Standard Protocol options that include OpenVPN, IPSec, and SSH and with AES-256.
Server Count Premium VPN servers in 23 countries
Speed Average speed reported
Netflix Accessibility Netflix worked on most of the servers. Torrenting is allowed
Cost Reviewed as most Expensive VPN. ~$10.49 – $15.29 monthly cost
Connections Unlimited connections

Visit Perfect-Prvacy

11. Hotspot Shield

Compatible with Windows, MacOS, Android and iOS, this VPN can also prove a good option to you. Though it is one of the rarest VPNs that support only one major protocol i.e. OpenVPN with 256 bit encryption, yet it can give its competitors a tough beat when it comes to speed.

EU Servers and Asia Servers are best speed performance servers though US server perform quite slowly in comparison. Anonymous Torrenting is fully supported. Streaming Netflix is slightly complicated

A big downside is that the company has always been a suspicious one. And they have some questionable privacy and logging policy.

Privacy & Security Ambiguous and questionable logging-privacy policy
Protocol and Encryption Standard OpenVPN with 256 bit encryption.
Speed Good speeds in Asia and EU servers, US servers are disappointing.
Netflix Accessibility Torrenting is highly supported. Netflix is supported on most of Canada servers but its smooth streaming is questionable on other servers.
Cost High cost i.e. $5.99 for their 12 months package

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12. CyberGhost

CyberGhost VPN review

This VPN also uses the user friendly protocols OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP, and IPSec and 256 AES encryption with 3000 + servers distributed over 60 countries.

No logging policy, DNS and IP leak protection makes user assured of its privacy. Downloading this VPN app takes quite easy and no time-consuming. The app automatically connects you to the best server depending on your whereabouts. The VPN can connect up to 7 devices.

It gives you an easy access to Netflix and most of the servers stream Netflix successfully.

With a global average speed of 62 Mbps, it gives fast speed on local connection .But the speed can get average and inconsistent in some regions.

Reported Drawback: VPN performance can depend upon range of location. Be sure to check the reviews on how CyberGhost is faring in your location.

Privacy & Security Strict zero log policy , first party DNS servers and access to Tor over VPN
Protocol and Encryption Standard Protocol options that include OpenVPN, IPSec, and SSH and with AES-256.
Server Count 3000+ in more than 60 countries
Speed Excellent speed in Local Connections, Speed may drop depending upon the range of location.
Netflix Accessibility Netflix worked on most of the servers. Torrenting not available of US and Australia Servers
Cost Stick to Long term plan , can cost you as cheap as $3.5/ month,
Connections  Up to 7 connections

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13. Mullvad

Mullvad review

If you want a VPN mainly to stream Netflix, Don’t go for it as this VPN has been unable to bypass Netflix VPN. Otherwise Mullvad can prove a cheaper and good substitute for other VPNs. Brand name stands for its standards of secrecy and privacy, but location of the parent company ( Sweden) puts them under 14 Eyes Intelligence Community

Mullvad offers log-free website browsing for any Windows, Mac, or Linux device.

This VPN also uses Industrial standard AES-256 encryption with OpenVPN and WireGuard protocols. It is also DNS free.

It offers good speed as well.

Downside is again that the VPN has only 166 servers in 29 countries,

Privacy & Security No logging policy, anonymous sign up process
Protocol and Encryption Standard  OpenVPN,  AES-256, Wireguard
Server Count 166 servers in 29 countries
Speed Fast Speed
Netflix Accessibility Not suitable for Netflix , allows Torrenting
Cost $5.89 monthly plan, doesn’t give discounts

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