ExpressVPN Netflix: Does ExpressVPN Work With Netflix


After thorough testing of ExpressVPN multiple servers, we have concluded that ExpressVPN works perfectly fine with our favorite streaming service Netflix and you can watch geo-restricted content of multiple Netflix libraries. With its fast streaming speed i.e. 135 Mbps (ultra HD quality), amazing 4K UHD video streaming support with an effective cost of $6.67 for 15 months, and its compatibility with many devices like  Mac, iOS, Android, Windows, Linux, Apple TV & Fire Stick. It seems like a dream come true.

Our team has conducted 30-hour research on speed, encryption, cost & other factors of different VPNs for Netflix. We agreed that ExpressVPN is working with Netflix without any flaws and you can access Netflix with ExpressVPN. Netflix streams its content based on the user’s location. It means that due to Geo-blocking you may not be able to watch some of the Netflix block content on Netflix. It seems unfair that despite paying the charge, you cannot access all of the Netflix content outside the U.S.

In today’s world, ExpressVPN is a premium VPN service. It may be used to watch numerous streaming services, including Netflix. Users can effortlessly access a variety of Netflix libraries with ExpressVPN, allowing them to binge-watch their favorite shows.

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Not just ExpressVPN can unblock Netflix with ease, but it also works with a wide range of other streaming sites. ExpressVPN’s technology allows you to access the internet freely, whether it’s social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook or streaming services such as Hulu, HBO, and BBC iPlayer. Best of all, you may try

Express VPN is easy to set up. You can use an iPad, smartphone, or laptop to sign up for the VPN. You have to download the VPN app and then you can start using it to access Netflix.

1. Is ExpressVPN the Best Choice for Netflix?

Yes, ExpressVPN is the best choice for Netflix. Not every VPN connection is capable of cracking the Netflix blocks. However, a few good ones work amazingly with Netflix without compromising on security or speed. ExpressVPN tops the list of those VPNs. As per our research, it is safe to invest in ExpressVPN, keep reading the article to know why.

Until a few years ago, any VPN connection would work to unblock Netflix Geo-restrictions. But now the case is different. Netflix has been working on improvisation for all these years. It is now impossible to crack the Netflix block as it has become very strong. ExpressVPN is fully equipped to crack the Netflix Geo-blocks.

So how does ExpressVPN manage to crack the ever-changing Netflix firewalls & Geo-restriction? Well, the answer is simple, the key to success is keeping up with the change. ExpressVPN keeps changing and modernizing its tools to cope up with the fast-evolving Netflix blocks & firewalls.

2. What are the Reasons to Choose ExpressVPN for Netflix

We are enlisting some of the main reasons to choose ExpressVPN for Netflix over the rest of the other VPNs. These features make ExpressVPN the superstar of the VPN industry.

  • Lightning-Fast Speed

For better video quality, you need to have a VPN service that has super fast speed. ExpressVPN provides you with an ultra-fast speed of 135 Mbps (ultra HD quality) that is essential for uninterrupted & buffer-free Netflix streaming.

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  • Unlimited Bandwidth:

ExpressVPN provides unlimited bandwidth to its users, which is perfect to watch Netflix because of all the extra Mbps that are required for streaming. ExpressVPN is not only good with streaming Netflix, but it is the best choice with other streaming platforms too like HBO max, Hulu, Showtime, Amazon prime video, etc.

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  • Security & Encryption

You can not declare a VPN provider the best of all if it doesn’t provide the best security & encryption. With 256 bit encrypted secured SSL tunnel, No activity log, no third parties, and strong encryption protocols ExpressVPN provides the best security to its user.

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  • Use on Multiple Devices Simultaneously

ExpressVPN allows you to connect 5 devices at one time, which means most of your family members can watch their favorite shows on Netflix using their own devices.

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  • Watch Netflix from Anywhere

With almost 3,000 high-speed VPN servers spread over 94 countries around the world, ExpressVPN is fully resourced to bypass the Netflix geo-block. As per our research, ExpressVPN is the most effective VPN that could be used with Netflix. Besides unlocking all of the popular Netflix libraries, ExpressVPN provides a buffer-free and fast streaming experience to the user.

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  • 24/7 Customer Support

ExpressVPN representatives are always ready to assist you in case of any problem in streaming Netflix. They genuinely help you resolve your problem and are very well experienced. The 24/7 customer support is just a chat away. If you don’t like the services you can opt for 30 days money-back guarantee.

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3. How Much Does ExpressVPN Cost?

When it comes to pricing, we agree that ExpressVPN is a bit on the pricier side. When you evaluate the benefits of opting for a long-term pan, you can see that cost surpasses the value significantly.

ExpressVPN has three plans the one-month package is available at $12.95/mo while the 6-month package is $9.99/mo.

But If you are looking for a long-term investment, select the 15-month plan at $6.67/mo. Here are the payment packages currently offered by ExpressVPN.

How much does ExpressVPN cost?

The company accepts payment by cards, PayPal, and other services like WebMoney. You can also pay with bitcoin. Some VPN services will accept cash payments for more anonymity.

The average monthly price for all VPN services we have tested is $9.96. ExpressVPN wants $12.95 each month, but that is less than most other VPNs.

As we already said when it comes to pricing, we agree that ExpressVPN is a little more expensive than other VPN but when you consider the advantages of purchasing a long-term plan, the expense becomes apparent.

You can save money if you buy an ExpressVPN six-month or one-year pass. When you are buying a VPN, it is usually better to get a shorter plan so you can see if the VPN works for what you need it for.

ExpressVPN does not offer a free VPN subscription. But there is TunnelBear and HotSpot Shield who do. TunnelBear will let you use 500MB of data per month for free, but HotSpot Shield only lets you have 500MB of data per day for free. ProtonVPN has no limits on its free subscription.

4. How to Install ExpressVPN for Netflix in 3 Easy Steps

ExpressVPN is a VPN service provider. It can be used to access Netflix. It lets people access many other libraries so they can binge on their favorite shows. Here are some steps on how to use ExpressVPN with Netflix in 2021.

Follow these easy steps to install ExpressVPN for Netflix.

  1. Sign up to ExpressVPN & select a plan that is best for you.
  2. Download ExpressVPN’s app, install it and then connect to your desired country’s server location.
  3. Open Netflix account and start watching, happy streaming.

5. Which ExpressVPN Servers Work Best with Netflix?

Many ExpressVPN servers worked efficiently when we tried them for streaming Netflix but some of the different server locations were better at this game than others. We are enlisting a few of them here but you should keep in mind that you may undergo a different experience. Therefore, never stop doing experiments. Here’s the list of best ExpressVPN servers for Netflix:

Server Locations Speed Index Latency Download Speed
Canada-Toronto 18119 100ms 781.01MB
Switzerland 4891 109 ms 785.01 MB
USA – Washington DC 17591 118ms 766.02MB
UK – East London 18794 115ms 492.13 MB
Italy – Cosenza 8105 131ms 29.65MB
The Netherlands – The Hague 1045 103 ms 588.32 MB
UK – East London 18741 112 ms 496.23 MB
Hong Kong – 2 2596 161 ms 159.11 MB
USA – New York 4831 101 ms 195.85 MB
Netherlands – Amsterdam 42015 69 ms 1169.68 MB
USA – New York 4891 110 ms 189.85MB

ExpressVPN has facilitated its customers by providing the option of a speed test for its servers. So the good news is that you can test different servers by yourself and then compare the results to the speed/quality benchmarks shared by ExpressVPN.

  • Ultra HD (1080p or even better)quality with 25 Mbps of speed.
  • 720 or better HD with a speed of 5 Mbps
  • 480p or better Sd quality at 3 Mbps speed.
  • Less than 480p with 1.5 Mbps speed
  • Minimum quality with 500Kbps internet speed.

6. Can’t Access Netflix with ExpressVPN? Here’s how to troubleshoot

As discussed earlier, ExpressVPN is undoubtedly the best VPN for Netflix that is available in the market. Despite being the best & less likely to get errors, ExpressVPN is not 100% problem-free.

Netflix geo-blocks & firewalls are getting stronger day by day & it is impossible to not encounter proxy errors & other problems. However, we have enlisted some basic tips which you can use to get rid of these errors and go back to your happy streaming.

  • Cache & Cookies:

Netflix’s geo-restrictions are very smart and Netflix detects your location in many different ways even when you’re using the best VPN. It is better to play safe and remove all your caches & cookies, this way Netflix will more likely be unable to detect your location and you can watch Netflix without any interruption.

  •  Reboot your VPN:

Just like with other programs & devices, disconnecting & reconnecting do wonders with ExpressVPN too. You may be able to get rid of the error and you can start streaming again.

  • Play with the VPN’s Protocol:

ExpressVPN offers several different protocols that work well with streaming. You can go to your VPN’s setting and switch the default protocol to another one. Those who don’t know about VPN protocols are just a few sets of instructions that the VPN uses for encryption.

Some protocols are more secure than others. ExpressVPN has several protocols that are good with streaming services like Open VPN(TCP & UDP), Lightway, & Wire Guard. ExpressVPN also offers IKEv2, L2TP, & PPTP SSTP. You may switch from one protocol to another & check which one is working best with Netflix.

  • Run a Leak Test:

You can not stream Netflix with ExpressVPN if your location data is leaking. It may leak through many ways, other than the browser. By running a leak test, you will be able to stop showing your location to Netflix. Once Netflix is unable to trace your location and can only get the encrypted data provided by your VPN, you will be able to stream peacefully.

  • Update Your VPN:

VPNs keep updating their encryptions & unblocking tools to bypass the constantly upgrading firewalls & geo-blocks of the streaming networks. Given the same, you can not miss the new updates from ExpressVPN. Keep your VPN updated and enjoy uninterrupted Netflix.

  • Change your VPN Server:

ExpressVPNs offers 3,000 fast-speed servers to its users. Netflix is very proficient in identifying & then blocking a VPN’s servers when you try to access the library through them. However, thanks to ExpressVPN for having a large number of different servers available. If Netflix blacklists one of the servers, you can access its library by switching to a different server.

  • Connect to the Customer Support:

The easiest way to get your issues resolved is to contact 24/7 customer support. They are highly proficient & experienced. Your matter will be resolved in moments.

7. How to Watch Netflix On Different Devices With ExpressVPN

Despite being 100% effective, when used on different devices express VPN may not be able to stream Netflix. This happens because of the defect that lies between the device & browser, due to which the user Netflix location or other information is leaked to the website.

When you try ExpressVPN for Netflix on different devices like Xbox, iOS/ iPhone/ iPad, Apple Tv, Android, etc., you need to keep looking for minor errors that you may be doing unknowingly. For example, when you try to unlock the Netflix library on android by using ExpressVPN and it does not work, it’s because the time setting does not match with the connected server.

Similarly, before streaming Netflix on iOS devices using ExpressVPN, make sure to turn off the GPS, deactivate security settings, and change the time & regions. Once done with the changes of the Netflix region you will be able to enjoy uninterrupted streaming of Netflix.

While streaming Netflix on Apple TV make sure you have configured the VPN correctly and changed the Netflix region according to the servers of the country you want to connect to.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Free VPNs rarely work with Netflix, because of Netflix’s powerful firewall & geo-blocks. Even if sometimes these VPNs bypass the Netflix blocks, they are more likely to get blacklisted soon. They simply lack the adaptability & tools to overcome the Netflix geo-blocks. They may sometimes let you bypass other streaming services but not Netflix. Therefore, it is better to invest money in a good VPN like ExpressVPN and stream Netflix peacefully without errors & glitches

You can surely unblock the American Netflix library along with 18 other libraries. Out of all the famous Netflix Libraries, the US library is the most popular one.

ExpressVPN has three basic billing plans that cost $12.95 monthly, $9.99 for 6 months, & $6.67 for 15 months (a special 49% deal is going on). ExpressVPN offers a 30 days money-back guarantee with each plan and you can pay through several ways to buy a plan.

ExpressVPN has all the qualities of a good VPN be it speed or security. It also has many other features to offer to its users like customer support, money-back guarantee, etc. As per our research, ExpressVPN is worth the money

You need a very smart VPN to bypass the Netflix VPN block. The VPN must constantly change its IP addresses so it does not get blacklisted by Netflix. ExpressVPN knows exactly how to adapt to Netflix’s new & powerful changes, therefore, it is the best choice to bypass the Netflix VPN block.