Netflix Error Code: Why Am I Getting an Error Code on Netflix?

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Netflix has become an integral part of our lives lately. Whether you are obsessed with “Sweet Tooth” or binge-watching the new season of “Lucifer”, bet you don’t want any interruption during the streaming by some silly Netflix errors. So if you’re someone who is struggling with an unusual Netflix error code, we have got you covered.

Most of the Netflix error codes are easy to resolve and we are here to help you debug the most annoying ones. 

You may get these error codes because of many different reasons, including connectivity issues, servers, account settings, etc. To resolve a specific error code, you must identify the underlying cause and fix it.

1.What are the Most Common Netflix Error Codes & how to fix them?

There are plenty of Netflix error codes that interfere with streaming and ruin user’s experience. We are explaining the most common ones here along with their solution.

1.1 What is Netflix Error Code 0041 and How To Fix It?

This is the most common Netflix error code that you may come across and is easy to resolve. This error pops up because of an issue with your device or connection. The following steps will help you get rid of the error in no time.

  • First off, remove your Netflix app data.
  • Restart your Wi-fi device
  • Try to improve your Wi-Fi signals.
  • Connect to a different network.
  • Restore the default connection settings, reconnect without a VPN, and in case of custom DNS settings, restore your DNS settings as well.
  • As a last resort, contact your internet service provider

1.2 What is Netflix Error 7034 & How to Fix It? 

Netflix is working on the right solution for this error. Meanwhile, you may use some basic tricks to get rid of this error code like checking your internet connections, restarting your device, checking account settings, and again signing in to your Netflix account. If all of this doesn’t help at all and you end up on absolute zero, send an email to Netflix customer support.


1.3 What is Netflix Error 100 & How to Fix It?

If you are a user of Apple TV, iPhone, iPad, and iPod, you are more likely to get this error since Netflix error code 100 is an iOS device issue. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Sign out of Netflix & then sign back in.
  • Reinstall the Netflix app on your device. (You will also lose your downloaded movies/series in case of deleting the app)
  • Restart your device.

1.4 What is Netflix Error AIP-705 and How to Fix It?

Error AIP-705 is related to your device’s data that needs to be refreshed. You may follow these steps to fix the error.

  • Sign out of the Netflix app & then sign back in and try streaming.
  • Check your internet connection.
  • Try boosting your Wi-Fi signals
  • Check your account setting.

In case you still remain unable to resolve this issue, then you can contact Netflix customer support.

1.5 What is Netflix Error NQM-407 and How to Fix it?

Netflix error NQM-407 is related to Android payment issues. The error does not define anything unethical at the user end but it appears because of the following reasons.

  • Your card expired before you made payment for Netflix.
  • Your Bank does not release the payment.
  • The Zipcode on your Netflix account does not match with the one updated on your bank details.

To resolve the error, you are advised to update your payment information and method on your Netflix account. You may also contact your bank and ask them to update your information. The third way is to change your mode of payment on your Netflix account.

1.6 What is Netflix Error S7111-11101 and How to Fix It?

This error is also related to the data saved on your computer and points out that the data needs to be refreshed. This usually happens when you use the saved bookmark of Netflix to visit the site. Clear your cache and type to access the site.

1.7 What is Netflix Error Code 10008 and How to Fix It?

Just like other Netflix error codes, this one is also related to connectivity issues. This code specifically pops up on Apple devices. Due to the error code 10008, your Apple device becomes unable to reach the Netflix service. Get rid of this Netflix error by following these steps.

  • Restart your Apple device.
  • In the case of iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad, do check the date & time & match it with the current date & time for your device to function efficiently.
  • Sign out of Netflix and then sign back in.
  • Restart your internet device.
  • Try to improve your Wi-Fi signals by moving the router to a better spot.
  • Try to connect your streaming device directly to the modem.
  • Go back to your default connection settings.
  • Try a different internet connection.
  • Contact your internet provider and ask them to help you troubleshoot the ISP configuration issue.

1.8 What is Netflix Error Code M7111-1331 & How to Fix It?

This Netflix error pops up when you try to access Netflix from chrome using a bookmark. If you are using a bookmark to access Netflix, stop doing that. Type into your browser and you will be able to stream Netflix again

The second reason could be the use of unnecessary chrome add-ons. To turn them off, type chrome://extensions, you will get a list of chrome extensions that are turned on. Except for the extensions listed under the chrome app, turn off all the unnecessary extensions. Try streaming Netflix again.

You may check which extension was blocking Netflix by turning them on one by one afterward.

1.9 What is Netflix Error TVP-832 & How to Fix it?

This error is also related to the connectivity issue, that does not let your device access Netflix.  To resolve this error you may follow some or all of the following steps.

  • Turn off protection software, like VPNs
  • Sign out of your Netflix account and then sign back in 
  • Go back to your default connectivity settings.
  • Restart your internet device
  • Restart your streaming device.
  • Try to connect your streaming device directly to the modem.

1.10 What is Netflix Error UI-120 and How to Fix It?

To be precise, this error arises when your device is unable to communicate with the Netflix app.  To get rid of this error, try these steps.

  •  Sign out of your Netflix account and then sign back in 
  • Restart your device.
  • Contact the manufacturer to get the issue resolved.

2. Other Common Netflix Errors

netflix error


We have compiled a table of some other common Netflix errors for the convenience of our readers. Let’s have a look at these errors and their solutions.

Netflix Error Codes Reasons Fixes
12001,1016, TVQ-ST-120, UI-400, 5403,11853,1011, 11800,1012 The main issue is due to your device or connectivity. Remove app data, check internet connection, connect to a different network
1004 Netflix is trying to figure out the cause of this error Contact Netflix customer support.
1001,10023-5009 The issue is related to the iOS device Log out, Install your app again, Restart the iOS device
NQL.2303 The issue is with your Android device. Try to stream Netflix on a non-android device
S7111-1957-205002 The problem is with Safari Clear cache & app data; Close Safari & re-open it  
S7111-11101 Error related to the user age Visit this URL and verify your age

Unexpected Error The issue is with your browser Refresh your browser

3. General Tips For Troubleshooting Netflix Errors

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You might encounter a Netflix error code that is different from the one explained in this article. Actually, there is a large number of Netflix errors and we cannot describe all of them here. 

But what we can do is, we can provide you a general set of instructions that you can apply in the case, if an unusual Netflix error pops up. Try these steps before doing anything else and the error might get resolved.

  • First of all, check your internet connection
  • Restart your streaming device.
  • Sign out of your Netflix app and then sign back in.
  • Check your account setting
  • Boost your Wi-Fi signals 

 Usually, when a new show or movie is out, most of us try to watch that movie or show on the very day it is released. In this situation, the servers do not perform well and we all face inevitable buffering & slow streaming. We advise you to wait a few days after your favorite show or movie is out, for a better flawless streaming experience.

You can also check the status of Netflix by visiting their own website and check if Netflix is down everywhere or you’re facing an individual issue.

Frequently Asked Questions

It usually happens because of an internet connectivity error. As per Netflix, you can check your internet connection and try again later

Follow these steps to restart Netflix on your smart TV

  • Take your smart TV’s plug out for at least a minute
  • Press the power button of your smart TV for 5 sec to discharge it.
  • Plug it back in and turn on your TV
  • Try streaming Netflix again

Follow these steps to resolve most of the Netflix errors.

  1. Turn your device off and then turn it on.
  2. Try using a different source of internet. If you’re using WiFi try to switch to mobile data & vice versa.
  3. Clear cache and app’s data.
  4. Reinstall your Netflix app

There may be a number of different reasons behind this issue. It may be associated with internet connectivity, an issue with your Netflix account or app, or it may be an issue with your streaming device.

Our Verdict:

We have covered a number of common Netflix error codes in this guide and during our research, we found out that most of these error codes are simple glitches of the software and connectivity. Therefore, it requires no rocket science to resolve them. Keep experimenting Folks!