NordVPN Netflix: Does NordVPN Work With Netflix

NordVPN Gor Netflix

Netizens proclaim Netflix as the heaven for cinephiles & binge-watchers, because of its huge collection of award-winning movies, shows, documentaries, series that are made on a variety of genres. However, you cannot stream all the content that is available on Netflix, despite paying for Netflix’s subscription. This is because of Netflix’s Geo-blocks and you can bypass these blocks with the help of a good VPN. Using NordVPN for Netflix will let you stream the geo-restricted content.

Nord VPN has a strong network of 5310 servers in 59 countries worldwide making it impossible for Netflix to blacklist NordVPN completely.

Why is NordVPN a Good Choice For Netflix?

It’s because of the security, speed, & number of servers that NordVPN has to offer to its users. There are plenty of other reasons to choose NordVPN for Netflix. However, we are enlisting a few of the main features here.

1. Speed

Speed: NordVPN for Netflix

If you are a streamer or a binge-racer you must know the importance of speed for streaming. During our research, we had an impeccable streaming experience that was free of lag and buffer. All thanks to NordVPN’s amazing average speed i.e 115 Mbps. NordVPN claims that it never throttles down the speed, but you may experience a decrease in your internet speed due to several other factors. These factors include the original speed of your internet, the physical proximity of your server, its load, the VPN protocol that you’re using & more.

2. Bandwidth

Bandwidth: NordVPN for Netflix

NordVPN offers you unlimited bandwidth. You will never run out of data in the middle of your streaming. With the help of NordVPN, you can also stream Hulu, Amazon Prime, YouTube, HBO Max, Disney+, BBC iPlayer

3. Security


Believe it or not, NordVPN is the most secure option available for streaming right now. NordVPN uses a next-level AES with 256-bit keys to ensure a secure and private online experience for its users. NordVPN has also won the 2019 Pro privacy best overall award.

4. Stream on 6 Different Devices Simultaneously

Simultaneous connections

NordVPN allows you to stream on 6 different devices simultaneously. Everyone in the family can enjoy streaming on their own devices.

5. 30 days Money Back Guarantee

30days money back 

Although NordVPN exhibits all the features required for streaming Netflix without interruption, even then, if you don’t like NordVPN you can use their 30 days money-back guarantee. You can also use their 24/7 customer support and they will provide you the required assistance.

How to install NordVPN in 3 Simple Steps:

Follow these easy steps to install NordVPN for Netflix.

  1. Signup to Nord VPN and select a plan that is best for you.
  2. Open NordVPN app & select a server.
  3. Open Netflix and enjoy your favorite Geo-restricted program.

Which NordVPN Servers Work the Best?

Please bear in mind that when you use a VPN, not all servers will perform well. You have to switch to different servers to find out which ones work the best. We had performed a few tests on NordVPN’s Servers and came up with these results. Let’s have a look.

Regions  Best Servers Streaming Speed
India 94, 96 158 Mbps
Japan 597, 526,563 145 Mbps
United Kingdom 1856, 1886,1996, 1869 141 Mbps
France 658,725 135 Mbps
Germany 798.1012,1006 130 Mbps
United States 5404,8030,8082 124 Mbps
Netherlands 820, 904 121 Mbps
Australia 517,681 115 Mbps

Which Netflix Libraries You Can Unblock With NordVPN

Here is the list of Netflix libraries that you can unblock with NordVPN.

  • Germany 
  • US
  • UK 
  • France
  • Netherlands
  • South Korea
  • Spain
  • Canada
  • Japan
  • India
  • Brazil

However, during our test, we found out that NordVPN can not unblock the Netflix libraries of Singapore, Turkey, and Hong Kong. 

What is NordLynx and Why You Should Use It?

If you are using or planning to use NordVPN, you must know what is NordLynx. It is actually a technology that has been built around WireGuard. It is designed so that you can experience the lightning speed of WireGuard without compromising on privacy. 

NordLynx is definitely better than OpenVPN and IPSec.You can find complete tutorials on how to select NordLynx on NordVPN’s official website.

How to Avoid NordVPN Netflix Streaming Issues

To troubleshoot NordVPN first clear your device’s cache, and check your internet connection. Once done with that follow these steps to get rid of any errors.

  1. Switch to another server and check if it works. You may have to switch a few times before you find a server that works well with Netflix. Stick to that server.
  2. Restart your device. Sometimes this is the best thing to do. After restarting, try to stream Netflix, and if you can, Voila!
  3. Improve your WiFi signals & move closer to the router.
  4. To save bandwidth, close any background programs.
  5. Also, check if someone else in the house is using the home network bandwidth. 
  6. Use another source of internet along with your home internet to enjoy a faster, buffer-free streaming experience.
  7. Change your VPN protocol and switch to another one.
  8. Reboot your VPN & then try to access Netflix.
  9. Update your VPN, to catch up with the VPN’s always updating encryptions, unblocking tools, and new servers that they introduce to stay ahead of Netflix geo-blocks.
  10. If nothing works, connect to NordVPN’s 24/7 customer support representative and get help from them.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs


Yes, it definitely does. It is a good choice for Netflix because of the wide range of servers and the amazing speed that they have to offer to their users.

According to the tests that we had performed, Nord VPN is a reliable option. What makes them more secure is that they are based in Panama, outside of any surveillance.

NordVPN is no doubt a great option when it comes to streaming with security. Besides, it is also a very good choice as the best overall VPN because of the no-logs, advanced security encryption, and a large number of servers. NordVPN is a good way to unblock Netflix geo-restricted libraries while maintaining your privacy.

  1. Go to and check the bar at the top of the page. If it says that your status is protected the connection is successful.
  2. Check your IP address here. It should be different from the one that you have been assigned by your ISP.

Our Verdict:

After testing NordVPN’s servers, speed, protocols, and encryption, we concluded that NordVPN is a reliable option for streaming Netflix’s Geo-restricted libraries. Even if a server gets block by Netflix you can switch to another server and start streaming Netflix again.